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I Want to be a Cupcake by Kristin Schuchmann

While trying to encourage her son to eat his dinner one evening, my friend quoted the well-known saying, “You are what you eat,” hoping it would be the motivation necessary to cause him to heartily eat his vegetables with gratitude. His response, however, was not what she anticipated, and made everyone in the room roll with laughter.
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Enjoying Food Again by Donna Astern

It is interesting to me that the holidays God gave to the Israelites were called feasts. They were times of enjoying food together. Indeed, times of mourning were marked by fasting or the barest forms of sustenance.
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Coaching Your Clients to Avoid Drinking Sodas by Sharon Graham

Drinking soda pop will never create health for any client. If you have a client desiring wellness coaching, one of the first and most important action items for them to do is to stop drinking sodas. Following are some reasons why you as a coach would want to support and encourage your clients to “come clean.”
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Five Steps To Coaching Wellness by Sharon Graham

Second only to financial concerns, wellness is the next most talked about and sought after topic occupying people’s thoughts and minds these days. As a wellness coach, you can have tremendous influence and offer valuable information to your clients.
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