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Sharon Graham, RN & Wellness Coach

Sharon Graham, RN & Wellness Coach

Sharon Graham worked in the traditional medical field as a Registered Nurse for a number of years. She has nearly thirty years of experience in the natural health field as well. After being chemically poisoned in the mid-1980s, her immune system was nearly destroyed, resulting in a quest for answers apart from the traditional medical model. That search led her into an intensive study of several complementary forms of health care. She has studied with the National Institute of Nutritional Education, and has taken many self-study courses in herbal medicine, homeopathy, and nutrition. She works with several nutritional companies and is certified by the American Nutraceutical Association.

As a result of her personal experience and journey to recover her own health, she now has a desire and passion to educate and support others as they take responsibility for their own health. As a nutritional consultant and wellness coach she brings a wealth of proven, practical information and methods so that you can achieve your own personal health goals. She has worked with hundreds of individuals to educate and support them in making lifestyle and nutritional changes, using both her traditional medical background as well as her study of nutrition. She has taught natural foods cooking classes and has given nutritional presentations to various groups of people. As a natural foods cook, her clients say, “Sharon makes health food taste good.”  Sharon is also a blogger, currently compiling a natural foods cookbook, and recently published an extensive e-book on wellness.


  • Professional, full-time coach (over 1,500 hours of paid coaching)
  • Professional Certified Coach (certified by Transformational Leadership Coaching, now known as Lifeforming Leadership Coaching)
  • Registered Nurse
  • Nutritional/wellness coach and consultant
  • Nearly thirty years experience in the natural health field
  • Highly sought after presenter of nutritional principles and of  “healthy” cooking utilizing natural foods

Coaching Distinctives

  • A Passion for Destiny Fulfillment — Helping you to define and walk in your God-given destiny.
  • A Passion for Health — Educating, encouraging, and supporting you in taking responsibility for your own health.
  • A Passion for Listening — Hearing you as you’ve never been heard before. This coach is genuinely interested in hearing about YOU.
  • A Passion for Spiritual Growth — Showing you how God is working in your everyday life experiences.

“The time I’ve spent in the coaching relationship with Sharon has changed and revolutionized my life! God intersected our paths in a most miraculous way that lead to definite acceleration down the path He had me on. Sharon has such a wealth of knowledge and experience that touched and transformed so many areas of my life. It was a crash course from God in positive change that she helped to facilitate! We dealt with everything from work, family, time-management, and personal boundary issues to health, nutrition, exercise and more! I can’t thank Sharon enough for her willingness to invest herself in being a part of the overhaul of my life! Experiencing coaching with her has literally changed everything and it has put my life on an even greater, more purposeful course. She was an immediate sister and friend and I trust we’ll stay connected as I continue to walk this exciting journey that she helped to propel me on! I had strong aspirations to become a coach before I met Sharon, but she has truly motivated and inspired an even greater passion and desire to pursue certification. What she did for me can’t be kept to myself! It is with great anticipation that I look forward to the day that I can give to others what Sharon has given to me! What a gift! Thank you, God and THANK YOU, SHARON!!”
–Diane Brierley, Executive Assistant, Laugh Your Way America, Green Bay, WI

“I began working with Sharon Graham at the beginning of May, 2006. My parents were very concerned for my health due to my lack of energy, weight gain, mood swings, depression, and general cloudiness in my life — and I was only 25! My mother feared that if I were this bad at 25, what would I look like at 50? So at their prompting, I scheduled a time for a phone conversation with Sharon to allow her to assess my situation using a ‘wheel of health,’ whatever that was! I remember that in our first conversation, Sharon asked me to draw a circle and divide it like a pie and label the ‘pieces’ sleep, energy, water, bowels, mood, etc. I had no idea where all this was leading. As she continued to ask questions, my wheel became very irregular, and I began to realize how out of balance my health was. In the weeks that followed, I read The Maker’s Diet, watched Super Size Me, and reviewed helpful websites and videos that educated me on what a healthy body should look and feel like — NOT a mirror image of my own by any means. When, at Sharon’s suggestion, I tried increasing my water consumption during the first weekend, that alone caused me to shed five pounds of toxins and junk in my system. That was enough to inspire me to continue. Sharon and I met weekly via the Internet or phone and had discussions about processed foods, what to eat, what certain foods do to my body, how to handle cravings, and specific supplements that my body needs. As I corrected my sleep patterns, water consumption, and changed what types of foods I allowed into my body, my energy level greatly increased. Prior to starting with Sharon, my energy only lasted a few hours per day and I was exhausted the remainder of the day and night. After changing those few things, I had more and more energy and felt good enough to walk three miles a day, which, in turn, gave me more energy to tackle my day. I began exercising regularly, something I didn’t have energy to do before, and the pounds continued to fall off. In speaking with Sharon, I discovered addictions to juices that I didn’t realize I had, reversed my cravings for fast food (Wendy’s in particular), and gained a better insight of how life in the mid-twenty’s is supposed to be! It is now the beginning of October, and over the last five months; I have lost 30 pounds, dropped 3-4 pant sizes, 1-2 shirt sizes, and 1 bra size, and have gained my self esteem and feminine curves back! In May, at my all time highest weight of 195, I was depressed and saw little hope of losing weight. I had forgotten that life wasn’t supposed to be so hard. Now, still in the process of losing the additional 15 pounds I have to go, I have energy, know how my body is supposed to work/feel, and am regularly taking the specific supplements which have also been helpful in balancing my wheel of health. I am grateful to Sharon for her coaching, nutritional knowledge, cheerleader-like support, prayers, and encouragement via email even when we don’t regularly meet. The benefits of taking care of my health far ‘outweigh’ just the weight loss. I now choose what I eat and what I do according to my overall health rather than weight because I see the big picture and can now make the right choices fully understanding the harm that the wrong choices wreak on my body and in my life. Thank you, Sharon, for your help and for running with the passion the Lord has given you to encourage and shed hope for people like me. I look forward to continuing our relationship as I continue to learn the benefits of health and healthy eating.” –Sarah Brickman, Web Designer & Founder, The Saranese Culture, Inc., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Working with Sharon for the past year has proved to be one of the most joyous and beneficial experiences of my life. Her guidance is always gracious, knowledgeable, specific, and compassionate. Before Sharon began coaching me, I was suffering from a number of chronic problems, which had not been solved by standard medical treatment. My difficulties included fatigue, sleeplessness, migraine headaches, itchiness, digestive upsets, emotional distress, frequent upper respiratory infections, and a devastating loss of hearing. I had tried the conventional medical treatments, which were ineffective. With Sharon’s help I am finding the solutions to all these conditions and am now enjoying robust health. Moreover, with Sharon’s assistance I have grown stronger and more joyful in my daily walk with the Lord as I learn to trust Him for His love, wisdom, and constant provision in my life.”
–Karen Gearreald, Ph.D., J.D., Braille Music Advisor to the Library of Congress, Norfolk, VA

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