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Greg Bland Bio

bland_lgGregory Bland is an ordained minister, professional coach, author and speaker who loves to see children, youth and parents engage with what God is forming in their lives and moving forward in faith. Greg is a husband and father of three wonderful children with which he and his wife, Lynn, utilize coaching as a natural approach in their parenting.

Greg received his coach training through the PAOC in partnership with Coach22. Over the past 18 years, Greg has served as a children’s pastor, youth pastor and most recently, lead pastor of a church they planted in Lively, ON in the fall of 2001. Pastoral and working as a community volunteer in both elementary and secondary school systems has given him an increased understanding and passion to see parents and children functioning within relational health.  His strong conviction that “our children are more capable of decision making and carrying responsibility than we often give them credit for,”  has been fostered by witnessing children and youth rise up and take great responsibility in and for their lives.

Greg is actively coaching individuals, writing and developing a Pro-Active Parent Coaching book, companion training course, web presence, Pro-ActiveParentCoaching, and offering Parent-Coaching workshops. In fulfillment of Greg’s passion for children, youth and parents these are designed to assist parents in embracing heart, skills and disciplines of Christian Coaching so they too may experience the power of coaching as they raise their children. For further information please contact Greg or view Pro-ActiveParentCoaching.

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