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Four Steps to Becoming a Coach by Linda Hedberg


Here are four steps that identify how you can plan to pursue your interest in becoming a coach.


As a Christian, you likely want to pray through all aspects of the process and make your decisions  about how to proceed based on your sense of God’s direction.  The following provides a basic structure and context for you to adjust as you proceed based on your unique circumstances and goals.  You are invited to post questions here, asking for further assistance and clarification.


Step one.  Learn all you can about the profession and ministry of coaching.  

  • Read and do internet research – here is a Christian Coaching Center (CCC) post that identifies resources for you.
  • Interview coaches who are successfully doing what you want to do.
  • Hire a coach to learn what it’s like to be coached and how coaching works.
  • To find a Christian coach, you can start by contacting coaches from the CCC team

Step two.  Before committing time, money and resources to a career change or coach training, take time to make sure coaching will fulfill the vision you are pursuing. 

  • Learn how coaching is similar to other helping professions, but distinctly different.
  • Make sure becoming a coach fulfills the unique goals you are pursuing.
  • Work with a coach to help clarify your vision and make a good plan. 

Step three.  Choose training that moves you toward your vision.  

  • Research Christian coach training programs listed here.
  • Find other professionally accredited schools listed at
  • Use The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training (available at for further information on thirteen Christian coach training programs and consideration of eleven coach training decision making factors.  

Step four.  Activate your training and establish yourself as a coach. 

  • Be encouraged in most training programs to practice coaching while learning.
  • Receive information and support for establishing a coaching business or ministry from most training programs.
  • Work with a mentor coach – one who has successfully established a practice or ministry similar to your vision.
  • Pursue professional coach certification to the extent that it supports your unique vision and goals.
  • Participate in continuing education to expand your business skills and advance your coaching expertise.
  • Find encouragement and enrichment by intentionally connecting with other Christian coaches.

Linda Hedberg is the author of The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training.  Her broad knowledge of the field and her desire to see Christian coaches set a foundation for success is reflected at, where she provides resources, classes and coaching dedicated to helping prospective and new coaches thrive in business and ministry.

2 Responses to “Four Steps to Becoming a Coach by Linda Hedberg”

  1. Chris says:

    We live and minister in Thailand. One of our goals is to equip local churches in community transformation. Seminars and teaching sessions have been held for pastors and churches but what they really need is for someone to come alongside and coach them in the process. We are hoping to help with that but would like further training as coaches. Can you advise us? What steps should we take (possible certification).
    I am currently working through the book and the CD set to ‘Leadership Coaching’. Excellent stuff and we think the missing link to make teaching or training more applicable to people.
    Thank you.
    Christian Beuggert, Bangkok, Thailand

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