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Jeff and Jill Williams Bio


Jeff and Jill Williams of Grace and Truth Relationship Education train Christian couples to use coaching skills to strengthen and heal their own marriage and to help other couples. A typical month in their ministry includes live seminars for married couples (as well as seriously dating/engaged couples, and singles), to learn skills and exercises to improve or heal their relationship, tele-classes to train couples to help other couples (Marriage Coaching I, II and II), and coaching couples in person locally, nationally and globally. They also write curriculum and articles which have been published in the Journal of Christian Coaching[1], and books by Tony Stoltzfus[2] and Gary R. Collins.[3] Jeff directs The Family Coaching Center portion of the Christian Coaching Center,  a global community of Christian coaches with different specialties,

The Williams, married 25 years are certified in several relationship curriculum and assessments. Their vision is every Christian couple living with abundant hope, pleasure, joy and purpose for the Kingdom of God. Their mission is to train and equip as many couples as possible to help themselves and other couples to hold each other’s hearts and to accomplish shared goals in marriage, family and ministry to prepare The Bride of Christ for the soon return of Jesus. Their calling is to serve one couple, one congregation and one community at a time toward this end.

Prior to working in ministry together Jeff practiced as a professional clinical counselor for 16 years while Jill focused on their home and children (now 23, 20, 16 and a 3 year old granddaughter). In 2003, they began working together as a “team of two” to develop a counseling and coaching practice and to launch a successfully implemented community marriage initiative (Clark County, Ohio, 2004,

“What God has given to us to share with others comes from what He has given us for ourselves. Life has been hard the past few years. Transition in ministry, a move from the Midwest to the East Coast, raising teens and a granddaughter has challenged us to simply survive. The concepts and skills we share with others are ones that have helped us to save and strengthen our own marriage and family.”

The Williams family resides in Springfield, Ohio. In addition to co-leading Grace & Truth Relationship Education, and Grace and Truth Counseling, Jeff and Jill serve as trainers for Coaching Mission International, (

[1] Together but Not: When One Partner in Marriage and The Other Isn’t, Spring, 2008, and Coaching vs. Counseling: Understanding The Difference to Leverage Their Strengths, Summer 2008.

[2] Coaching Questions, available at

[3] Christian Coaching, (2009, Tyndale).

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