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Coaching Women – Guest Posts

Coaching the Newly Divorced Woman, by Lynn Kinnaman

The woman who calls you is angry. Her husband left her, and she doesn’t know what she’s going to do. It’s not the divorce that’s making her mad, she insists. That was a relief. Her life will be better, she explains, because he had been distant/unsupportive/abusive for the last few years anyway. She’s just upset because of how he did it, or when he did it, or why. She just wants to put it behind her.
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A Life that Counts… Discovering the Power of Life Coaching, by Katie Brazelton

Although life coaching is a cutting-edge and rapidly growing field, I often get asked, “What exactly is a life coach?” We can sometimes complicate things by thinking that life coaching should be difficult and that it takes years of schooling to understand. It isn’t and it doesn’t. We can also think that a life coach is the client’s therapist, mother, or new best friend. She is not. In the simplest terms, a life coach is a conversationalist – one skilled at conversations.
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Get Out of the Boat, by April M. Stallworth

While leading the women’s ministry, God’s Uttermost Woman, and also serving as a Christian Life Coach for women, it is vitally important to me that I represent the very behaviors in my life that I guide other women into practicing. I had such a chance to do this when God laid it in my spirit that He wanted me to be on the radio for God’s Uttermost Woman’s ministry. The radio, are you serious God? He most certainly was.
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Moms, The Perfect Place to Start, by Marian Struble

It has been pure joy to watch a mom’s face light up when she realizes that most of her own expectations about motherhood, and those placed by others, are not what makes a “good” mom. As we have discussed “Matters of the household and matters of the heart,” each woman has grown closer to God, re-discovered herself, and begun to realize how finding and living her unique mission and purpose can impact her family and circle of influence.
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