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Coaching Women to Be Decision Makers, by Kelly Eveleth

The first time a person spends time with an effect life coach, it’s like, “Wow! That was an incredible session.” Coaching is all about helping someone think through a situation and make decisions. We are teaching people what it takes to make thoughtful decisions that are the result of one’s individual values instead of what someone else tells us to do. Even good decision makers enjoy the coaching process because the coach sharpens the mind of the decision maker.
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Pure In Heart, by Marian Struble

I am always amazed at the ways God speaks to me. When I’m listening, the message is so clear, even though it often comes to me in unexpected form.
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Trusting and Reinventing, Ginny Victory

This drove Felicia to her knees in prayer: she got honest with herself about who she is, what she believed and what she really wanted to do.
What is that still small voice whispering to you?
Where do you need to trust in the Lord?
In what ways will you reinvent?
What action will you take today?
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Receiving: The Gift of the Season, by Ginny Victory

“On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and myrrh.”
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Attempted “bathroom” coaching : A coach in training reflects on the coaching process for client transformation, by Kara Hanger

Britta, the beautiful, blunt one apathetically mentions that she doesn’t need to go to the bathroom. The others stare at her in shock. How can she disregard an invitation to the bathroom? Surely she knows this is where women go to listen and vent. If you need to talk about the latest drama, or work through an issue in life, the bathroom is better than the local coffee shop. Though cliché, group bathroom trips represent an ever present reality: women commiserate with one another and are often sympathetic listening partners.
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Let’s Face It, by April M. Stallworth

Why do we try and box God in? I haven’t a clue but I sure have been guilty of this myself a time or two. When I think about it, it’s so ridiculous to think that a God so big and so wondrous could be made to fit into our human comprehension. It’s truly laughable. God not only made the human but he made the comprehension too!
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Blessed as You Are, by Ginny Victory

At a coaches conference a few weeks ago we were doing an exercise about leadership. In answer to the question “How do I see myself?” the keynote, a coach herself said: “fraud.” A room of one hundred coaches sat in stunned silence. Then she asked “who else?” Hands went up all over the room…..including mine.
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Unmasking, by Marian Struble

Women often find themselves hiding. Ever since Eve chose to eat the apple, mankind has been covering themselves up with the fig leafs. There are a lot of reasons. We mask our shame, fear, insecurity, loneliness, and low self worth. We cover up our true heart desires, convincing ourselves we are silly to want to accomplish something more. We live in a world of make believe instead of the real one we were destined by God to help create.
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Stopping to the Rhythm, by Ginny Victory

It’s that time of year again when things gear up; school is starting, business ramps up, holiday season planning begins. It’s the season when my clients really start to say: “I’m overwhelmed!” “How can I get it all done?” “I need more time.”
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Woman of Destiny – She Fears Not, by Tarsha Campbell

Woman of Destiny, arise! Your time has come! The Word of the Lord has been spoken! Your day is at hand, but do you have what it takes?
As a Woman of Destiny, you must possess certain qualities. Throughout the Bible, God has given us examples of women who were called and chosen for a specific purpose.
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Choosing Forgiveness, by Lynn Kinnaman

Forgiveness is a choice, not an emotion. The desire leads to decision, which is where it happens. They still may not feel like forgiving, but they chose to forgive anyway. The feelings will catch up later.
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Dancing with the Lord, by Ginny Victory

Once on the dance floor, the instructor turns to me and presents the frame for our dance. He explains that I must both press in and lay back – rest – in his hold. It is the tension of this shape and my trust in him that allows us to communicate. The same is true with the Lord; it is in the drawing near to Him that He draws near to me. Then I know Him, His purposes and His ways.
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Christian Coaching – Getting to the Heart of the Matter, by Janice LaVore

Most coaching books talk about the importance to coach from the heart, and I love the way Tony Stoltzfus defines the heart of a coach in his book, Leadership Coaching “the bedrock of great coaching is what’s in your heart for the person you are coaching….powerful coaching comes from studying, internalizing, and imitating the Father’s heart toward us.” Isn’t that a beautiful way to think of how to coach from our heart to our clients? We have Jesus as a role model!
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Heart Matters, by Marian Struble

I’ve been thinking a lot about the heart. During a visualization exercise my coach was leading, I was given a gift. This gift presented itself in the form of a stunning, silver filigreed, heart shape locket on a velvet ribbon. In my excitement, I opened the locket to see what was inside. A choir immediately burst into beautiful music. I heard the words to an old, familiar hymn I hadn’t sung in years. “There is a place of quiet rest, near to the heart of God. A place where sin cannot molest, near to the heart of God.”
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Mine That Bird, by April Stallworth

He arrived at the derby after a 21-hour drive in a trailer hitched to the back of one of his owners’ pick-up truck. He was what they call a “long shot”. In other words, he didn’t have a chance. Boy, were the critics wrong.
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