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Hello. I am Beth Cole, owner of The WebServant.

beth_cole_sm1Quick story. When I was a kid, I would spend hours writing and illustrating stories on my Big Chief tablet.

I would tear each page off and use glue to “bind” my pages together to make my own little homemade books.

Fast forward and today my passion remains helping my clients write and illustrate their stories and “glue” together the pages that become a one-of-a-kind website.

I am self taught with the help of the International Webmaster’s Association (IWA), our local University, and numerous online and offline training programs.I have earned certification as a Reach Online Identity Strategist with Reach Communications, and certification in Graphics and Multimedia from the IWA. I just released Essential Web Marketing as an ebook (paperback coming soon), and my article How to Do the Branding Thing was published in Winter 2008 Journal of Christian Coaching.

“What I have loved more than anything about working with you is how you helped and encouraged me to discover my own voice as you put it. Then you were able to express it in the design. What a gift that is! “– Dan Wilson, Beyond Imagination LLC.

In addition to my web design training, I am also trained as a coach. I like the coaching approach because it helps me serve my clients in the most powerful way (coaches-you already know this :).

One unique thing about my company is that I often team up with Laura Brooker of Holy Cow! Design who in addition to being a fun designer, is also my daughter.

My husband and I have been married for over twenty five years. Our grown children are an important part of our lives along with friends, sisters, Friday lunches @ the Rusty Hinge, great music, traveling, and a good supply of books and movies.

Drop by The WebServant and say “hi”, or let’s connect on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. I will look forward to meeting you.

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