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Coaching With Style Part 4: Coaching a C Style by Dawn

Jan 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Transformational Coaching - Guests Posts, [None]

How Understanding DISC Profiles Can Make You a Better Coach

During these eight weeks, we are exploring each of the four main DISC profiles to learn about the characteristics of each style, how people tend to communicate in each of the different styles, and what we, as coaches, need to know in order to best coach people in each of these four styles.

During the last six weeks we looked at the D or Dominance style individual who tends to be driven, the I or Influence style individual who likes to influence others, and the S or Steadiness style individual who is consistent and sympathetic. Today we will be exploring the C or Conscientiousness style.

Coaching a C Style

Characteristics of the C Style

C style individuals are conscientious, thoughtful, analytical, methodical, detail-oriented, thorough, particular, organized and cautious. They are also systematic, reliable, private and formal. The C style individual tends to have high expectations of themselves and others. They typically enjoy planning their work and they value quality and accuracy. C style people want things to be done right. The C style also prefers working with tasks, concepts and numbers over people.

C style individuals are conscientious and analytical. However, there are also weaknesses in the C style profile. The C style individual can come across as nitpicky, hesitant, stubborn, hard-to-please, boring, distrustful, critical, distant, shy and at times overly sensitive. C style individuals can also appear less communicative than the other styles, sometimes even appearing to be withdrawn, introverted and even anti-social to the untrained observer.


C style individuals tend to be polite and diplomatic in their communication. They use a minimal amount of carefully chosen words to convey their thoughts and ideas. C style individuals prefer to have a clear agenda for their conversations, which tend to focus on task and other non-personal topics. They are slow to initiate conversations and shy away from small talk.

How to Coach a C Style Client

Because the C style individual is task oriented, the person coaching the C style does not need to spend a lot of time engaging in small talk. Instead, the coach can begin working with the C style client on their desired objectives more quickly than with some of the other styles. The coach of the C style individual builds rapport with their client by listening to them, helping them express their ideas and opinions and valuing their insights.

C style individuals need time to think and formulate their thoughts. They do not like to be rushed. Therefore, the coach can honor their C client by giving them time to process questions and articulate their thoughts. This helps the C client see data in new ways and discover new connections between their various ideas.

Because C style individuals emphasize process and tend toward perfectionism, they often worry about not meeting their own standards. When a C style begins a new project, their coach can help them identify the appropriate standard of success for that specific project. The coach can do this by helping the client think through the practical implication of various degrees of precision and thoroughness. With a clearer standard of success, the C client will be better able to develop a plan and know when they have completed it.

Questions for C Style Individuals

  • If you created the solution what would it look like?
  • How can you help others understand your ideas?
  • What concerns you the most about this project?
  • What would happen if the project fell short of your ideal?
  • How will you know when you are done with the project?
  • How can you adapt in order to connect to that person?

Over the last four weeks we have had a chance to look at the four main DISC profiles, including Dominance (D style), Influence (I style), Steadiness (S style) and Conscientiousness (C style). By understanding these different styles we can better serve our clients and their specific needs.

Dawn coaches people from around the world. She is passionate about coaching young people, people working in different cultures and people from different countries. You can contact Dawn at

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One Response to “Coaching With Style Part 4: Coaching a C Style by Dawn”

  1. S Kennedy says:

    Dear Dawn,

    Many thanks for writing the excellent DISC profiling articles. These will be very useful to me. I am a coach working in the United Kingdom and have recently qualified as a DiSC practitioner. Your material is better than what was given to us on the course I attended, which was specifically aimed at coaches. Your articles will be very useful

    Many thanks

    Sean Kennedy

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