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An Open Heart is an Open Door to Supporting Growth by Gregory Bland

Jan 19th, 2012 | By | Category: Parenting

Everything rises and falls upon relationship. Our children’s openness and transparency with us as parents is a direct reflection of the relationship we share with them.   The ability to capture their hearts is well within our reach when we seek to understand and respect them for who they are and who they are becoming.  Supporting a Relationship through Understanding with our children provides us the opportunity through which we can capture their heart and gain their permission to touch the deeper matters of life and Support their Growth.

The transition from Supporting Relationship through Understanding to Supporting Growth is a most natural one within the context of relational health.   Tom (age 16) says it like this, “My parents have coached me for a few years now and it seems as though we are working together instead of against one another . . . overall, I feel much better about myself and have a new respect for my parents and they way they parent me.”

As we journey toward becoming a Pro-Active Parent Coach within our own parenting, we will enjoy many rich and wonderful conversations with our children.  Although each conversation we have may not focus upon a growth goal, every conversation does have an opportunity to continue supporting relationship.  For the purpose of the next few posts, we will turn our attention toward and focus upon the second stage of the Pro-Active Parent Coaching Model, Supporting Growth.   This will help EASE our children into responsibility as we Explore Possibilities, Assess Desire, Secure Commitment and Encourage their Progress.  Interestingly enough, as we do this, we will also discover the continued rich relational rewards that will foster health within our relationship.

Pro-Active Parent Coaching Model

Pro-Active Parent Coaching Model by Gregory Bland

Until next time,
Your friend and Pro-Active Parent Coach
Gregory Bland

*Gregory and Lynn Bland currently reside in beautiful Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Gregory has authored the Parent Coaching Book,  “Pro-Active Parent Coaching: Capturing the Heart of Your Child, A Parent’s Guide to Coaching.” Additionally they are providing pastoral care, and participate in various speaking engagements. For more information visit Pro-Active Parent Coaching or write to

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