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Marketplace Ministry – Business Leaders as Ministers – by Anita Stadler, PhD

Sep 18th, 2011 | By | Category: Business Coaching, Coaching Tools, Leadership Coaching, [None]

Do your Christian business clients consider themselves to be in ministry?  Why or why not?  I have found that clients have a variety of perspectives on this topic.  Are the differences in their perspectives due to the nature of their business, their role, their industry, or something else?

The Mindset of Ministry. What makes an activity ministry?  Have you explored that with clients?  I am not talking about whether or not your clients are formally authorized by a religious organization to conduct worship activities, but whether they see their everyday actions as ministry.  Having the mindset of ministry might mean living in a way that considers all activities as an expression of service for the Lord.  Adopting the mindset of ministry requires acknowledging that a sovereign God can use us in any setting, even at work.  It requires humility and the willingness to respond to that call.

Coaching Ministers in Any Setting. What impact would it have on your coaching if you saw each executive or business leader as a minister for Christ?  What would be at stake for that client?  What would you pay more attention to with that client?  How would that mindset influence your rigor with that client?  How would it inspire you to continue to hone your coaching skills?

Coach as Minister.  Do you consider yourself to be in ministry when you are coaching?  Why or why not?


Anita Stadler, PhD is the owner of Horizon Executive Coaching.  She coaches Christian leaders and business executives who want to connect their career and their calling more intentionally.  She is also a full-time executive coach and leadership development advisor for a Fortune 100 corporation.  She can be reached at (714) 952-0995 or  For more information, see

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