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3 Gracefull Coaching Parenting Tips by Nellie Phiri

Jul 13th, 2011 | By | Category: Parent Coaching - Guest Posts

The challenges faced by today’s parents

Many parents today feel so powerless and ineffective in raising their children. They also feel so helpless and such a sense of failure when they are faced with children who present with difficult, and out of control behaviour

These are some of the unique challenges this generation of parents are facing:

  • Our culture is shifting
  • It no longer supports the nuclear family.
  • For many people parenting in today’s world has become very confusing.
  • There are so many influences such as the radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, music and peer-groups all vying for your children’s attention.
  • Children themselves are also bombarded. The advent of mobile phones, texting,
  • Online communities and social networks
  • Government legislation and policies
  • Conflicting ideas and advice from the gurus, professionals and various other agencies

The result is a huge disconnect between parents and children. Parents, more now than ever, need to learn new ways of connecting with their children so that parenting and family life becomes enjoyable.

Here are three parenting tips from Gracefull Coaching:

1. Let your children know your values

Ask yourself:

  • What values are you teaching your children?
  • Do your words and actions express your values?
  • Does every area of your life reflect your values?

Values are the foundations and cornerstones for your parenting. Values are what guide you whenever you are unsure of yourself. Values are very essential to your being an effective and confident parent.

“The greatest classrooms of this nation or any nation are not in any classroom or university. They’re around the dinner tables in the homes.”

Richard Berendzen

2. Implement consequences

Implementing consequences is one of the most loving things that you can do for your children as you are teaching your children to take responsibility for their choices and decisions.

Protecting your children from the consequences of their choices and decisions does them no favours. Remember to implement consequences from a heart that is filled with love, rather than from other feelings such as anger, frustration, embarrassment and guilt.

3. Respect your children’s feelings and opinions even though you might not always agree with them.

When you agree to disagree, you are teaching your children to respect other people’s points of view. You do not have to agree on everything all the time. The important thing is to listen to each other’s point of view.

Not everything needs to be battle where there is a winner at the end of it.

With Gracefull Parent Coaching you will learn the following:

  • how to reach this generation’s kids in a way that they understand and respect without compromising your values or your leadership as a parent
  • How to interact in a positive and empowering way with your children in a way that enables them to make the right choices and decisions.
  • How to choose parenting words and actions that express your values, beliefs and ideas

Nellie Phiri

Nellie is the owner of Gracefull Coaching where she coaches parents who are struggling with and finding it challenging to manage children who are displaying difficult behaviour.  She believes that as parents we are stewards of our children and as stewards it is our duty to help our children to be eager to learn new things, adaptable, emotionally well adjusted and socially responsible.  For more information about Gracefull Coaching please feel free to contact Nellie at  +447525 763155 or +441737 552782 or  email:



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