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A Helping Hand to Get Spiritually and Physically Fit

Jun 13th, 2011 | By | Category: Wellness Coaching Guest Posts

A Helping Hand to Get Spiritually and Physically Fit
by Jane Birr, Life Coach

Quick check. 1-10, how do you feel about your spiritual fitness today? Now rank your physical fitness. Drum roll…and the number is…

Most people I ask that question to, myself included, find them themselves having one side stronger than the other. People say, “I am in great shape right now, but I have let my spiritual life slide.” Others feel very close to Christ, yet have way too much jiggling going on. What about you?

Maybe you find yourself lurking around the 4-5-6 range of ” I’m doing OK…but I know it could be better.” Ugh. Mediocrity. Still others are so busy that when we stop long enough to ask the question, we bravely admit, “Oh my gosh, I am completely out of shape in both areas!”

So now what? How do you get better? I think it all starts with desire. Just getting by is easy to pull off. But physically, do you really want to be fit, vibrant and strong? Spiritually, is it time to fill the void in your soul with something besides brownies or the latest pair of shoes?

If you have discovered you want it, what’s next? Well, there are many options. But I would suggest connecting with someone who knows the way. When we remain isolated and alone, we are so vulnerable. Risk connection! Pick up the phone or better yet, go in person to a trainer or to spiritually or physically fit friends or a physician or pastor. Describe your current condition. Open the vision of where you want to be. Get feedback on what it takes to get there.

Armed with a plan that is scheduled into your calendar, start! If you fall, quit beating yourself up and just get back in the game. Don’t personalize and waste time saying how it will never happen for you and you are just no good and all of that nonsense. It is all just one big Rocky movie! Wake up desire, create a plan, surround yourself with a great team and then work like heck to reach your goal. Then celebrate like Rocky on the top of the steps dancing!

One thing I know for sure is that God loves us all and sure demonstrated it. He had a plan that went through the cross to complete. And we think losing weight or running a race is hard. He had a support team but in the end, they all bailed on him. He went forward anyway because it was worth it. You were worth it. And so was I.

I think it is hard to get and stay in shape. But I also know that one who is stronger than death walks with me and in his great strength I can defeat any obstacle that stands in the way. Jesus fell three times carrying the cross. It is not easy to reach goals. But he got up and offers his hand to help you and me get up as well. Will you reach for it today?

Jane Birr
Life Coach
Motivating and Inspiring Great Health in Body, Mind and Spirit

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