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What is Pro-Active Parent Coaching? by Gregory Bland

Apr 18th, 2011 | By | Category: Parenting

Pro-Active Parent Coaching is a natural approach to parenting that will strengthen relationship while providing our children with a healthy support structure for their growth and development.  This is accomplished by offering a simple and unique 2 stage Parent Coaching Model that will help parents connect with and empower their children by,

  1. Supporting Relationship through Understanding.
  2. Supporting Growth.

Pro-Active Parent Coaching Model

Pro-Active Parent Coaching Model by Gregory Bland

The Pro-Active Parent Coaching model itself is built upon the fact that relationship is the foundational element for effective coaching.  Therefore, the primary focus in Pro-Active Parent Coaching is upon Supporting a Relationship of Understanding through Connecting, Asking, Listening, and Clarifying.

As we focus upon Supporting a Relationship of Understanding we will recognize that our relational bonds are deepening and that change is indeed taking place; within us!  Our appreciation for and understanding of the unique way in which God has fashioned our child will begin replacing our pre-conceived ideas, judgments, and understanding of “how things really are.”

Understanding will foster health, depth, and openness within our relationship, naturally building trust between us and our child.  Trust, as we know, is the relational ingredient necessary for our children to open up and allow us to touch the deeper areas of their life.  Simply being mom or dad, does not make trust automatic.  For us it will take self-control, understanding, intentionality, time, and effort to Support a Relationship of Understanding, but when we do, it will deepen relationship and make the transition to Supporting Growth natural, normal and expected.

As parent coaches, it is our desire to EASE children into growth and responsibility, not simply cut them loose at a pre-determined point in time.  Parents can effectively empower their children and Support Growth by, Exploring Possibilities, Assessing Desire, Securing Commitment, and Encouraging Progress.  By refraining from problem solving and offering solutions to our children, and instead coaching with EASE, will allow our children to grow in responsibility, decision making and applying learning to life.

We can be confident that we are not only Supporting Relationship but we are Supporting our children’s Growth as they mature toward responsible adulthood.  In this way, they will be better prepared for life and have a reservoir of experience from which to draw wisdom as they face the more complex issues and decisions that will come their way.

Until next time enjoy your  journey into Pro-Active Parent Coaching

Your friend and pro-active parent coach
Gregory Bland

Author of the ‘newly released’ Pro-Active Parent Coaching: Capturing the Heart of Your Child

*Gregory and Lynn Bland currently reside in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.  They have recently completed writing a parenting book Pro-Active Parent Coaching: Capturing the Heart of Your Child, A Parent’s Guide to Coaching. Additionally they are providing pastoral care, and participate in various speaking engagements. For more information visit or write to

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