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Coaching Interview Proficiency by Marcie Thomas

Feb 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Transformational Coaching - Guests Posts

In this article you’ll discover how to create an informational audio product for almost no money. Record an interview about how your coaching program is unique and effective. End the recording with an invitation to the listeners to contact you.

How informational interviews benefit your coaching business:

  • Helps your clients gain a sense of trust about you much quicker.
  • Audio material holds the attention of clients much longer than text.
  • It can be downloaded by your potential client into a mp3 player and listened to at their convenience
  • Use it as part of your marketing funnel to lead clients into purchasing products and services.
  • Add it to your media portfolio.
  • Transcribe it into an ebook.
  • Leave a copy of your CD with a potential client.

You will need the following:

1. Reserve a free telephone line at Instructions on how to record, stop recording and how to download the recording are provided when you register.

2. Obtain audio editing software called Wavepad at The cost is about $60. Alternately, download audio editing software for free at If you create a perfect interview recording, you will not need an editor for this purpose. Please note that an hour of recording time will create a file at about 25 mb. That’s a large file. Not too large to download, but too large to send through email. If you need to reduce the size, you will need an audio editor.

3. Select a friend to call into the phone line and ask you the interview questions.

4. Reserve a quiet place free from other telephones, outside noises, dogs, children. Turn down your computer speakers before commencing the recording.

After the recording is finished, simply download the recording to your computer. Once you have the audio on your computer, you can edit it and/or upload it to your website. You can even create a CD. Most computers allow you to burn a CD pretty easily and for free.

Here is a possible interview format. Please revise as you deem necessary:

Introduction: Hello everyone I’m ______. We are here today with __________ to discuss the topic of the __________. Person’s name is an expert in _______________, or whatever the client is looking to achieve.

What would you say the real challenges are being faced by ____________?Are there current solutions being offered? How effective are they?
What has been the traditional way of solving the problem? How effective have traditional solutions been?
What is key about your approach? Why has your solution proven more effective?
How does this model prove its effectiveness?
So tell me in a step by step fashion how you work with _____________?
What are the obstacles (and the rewards) that you clients might face as they consider these changes?
What are the rewards of your approach?
We hear a lot about coaching these days. In what ways does (personal coaching help the client?) your personal coaching program accelerate the client forward?
Tell us one more time what clients are missing out on if they don’t take action on this problem?
What should those interested listeners (in contacting you for more information) do next?
Thanks for taking the time to share your expertise with us. Please remind listeners where they can find out more information and contact you.
Thanks for taking time to visit with us today. We commend you for the good work you are doing.

End of interview


Would you like for someone else to take the lead in creating your own informational interview? Or don’t know how to present your unique coaching approach. Save time by letting us help. We offer this service for $250. This price includes the phone line, an interviewer, 1 hour of recording time and 70 minutes of editing time to remove hmms, long pauses, sentence restarts. The final product is an mp3 delivered to your email box or placed on a webpage for you to download or burn to a CD at your convenience. Email for more information.

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