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Find a Coaching Co-conspirator: Who Can Help? by Brian Rhen

Jun 4th, 2010 | By | Category: Coaching and the Church

Part 4 of 12 – How to Inject the Church with Coaching –

I have learned that I can only get myself so far until I typically hit my own glass ceiling. Let’s face it – our emotions, lack of wisdom, and personal limitations in ability so often are the invisible, but real barriers that hinder us from literally moving beyond ourselves. Sadly, it was not until I reached my mid-thirties that I was willing to move beyond my ego and begin to embrace others’ support.

One day driving home from an important career accomplishment, I found myself reflecting on how I had completed it. The answer became so clear: it had happened through the will of God and the guidance and support of others.  Then I began to ponder my greatest personal accomplishments over the last 30 years.  In every case, it involved another person and God.  So from that point forward when I got stuck, I decided along with prayers for wisdom and strength to God, I would ask Him, “Who can help me?”

And that is exactly where I found myself regarding injecting coaching into our church back in the 2007 –  STUCK.  Up to that point, I had taken almost 45 hours of coaching classroom training and had developed a clear vision for coaching in our church. However; my heart was filled with a fear of failure, my mind was unclear in strategy, and practically I was lacking the time to add something new to my already full ministry schedule.   Once again I had hit my own glass ceiling. As a result, my emotions and limitations led me to isolation and stagnation.  After putting the issue on my prayer list, breakthrough came when I remembered what Kathy, a veteran and gifted unpaid people developer in our church had said, “If you ever want to talk about how to integrate coaching into the church, I am willing to help.”

In time, this gentle and capable co-conspirator of coaching not only became my partner in this covert operation, but a skilled coaching technician and trainer. Over a methodical, two-year period, she coached me fourteen times pro bono on how to integrate coaching into our congregational fabric. Miraculously these times always seem to lead us to some awareness or next step in the process. In between and during, she acted as encourager, wise counsel, strategist, prayer partner, and sister with common passion.  Without her, the ceiling would have never been broken, nor would I be able to write of it today.

So as you seek to integrate coaching into your church, include the question in your prayers to God: “Who can help?”

Next month:  Part 5 – Develop a Coaching Learning Community

Brian Rhen has been a pastor, coach and communicator for almost 15 years at Peninsula Covenant Church located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Based on his endless experiences with dysfunction and death, he loves to help others recycle suffering and live into God’s best pathway for their lives.


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