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Mar 24th, 2010 | By | Category: Business Coaching

The Business Coaching Community is designed to support Christian coaches who offer executive coaching to senior-level business leaders, whether the leaders are business owners, corporate executives, CEOs, or heads of organizations.  This community is intended to be a resource for both independent executive coaches and internal executive coaches who work for corporations.  I hope that life coaches who are interested in learning to coach business leaders will also find the articles instructive and encouraging.  Your thoughts, comments, and shared experiences will enrich our dialogue.

What should Christian business coaches know about the value of expressing faith at work?  In recent years, research has confirmed the business value of allowing employees to integrate their faith and work.  Work unit performance has been shown to be associated with work unit spirituality (Duchon & Plowman, 2005).  Other research has shown that there is consistency between effective leadership and spiritual practices (Reave, 2005).  A review of 85 research articles found that most of them mentioned a correlation between productivity and spirituality (Dent, Higgins, & Wharff, 2005).

Expressing faith at work is becoming more acceptable.  Religion is formally recognized as an aspect of diversity and is protected by law from discriminatory practices.  A number of organizations and non-profit ministries have emerged to support the “faith at work” movement, many of them with a Christian perspective.  Pastors are increasingly realizing that their responsibility for equipping the saints includes providing spiritual guidance that will be relevant on Monday morning.

As executive coaches, our clients invite us to listen to what matters most to them and to support them as they align their personal values and their professional lives.  Our contribution is to create a safe space for these highly-influential leaders to reflect on what will provide lasting value for them and their employees.  I consider it a privilege and a sacred honor.

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Anita Stadler, PhD coaches Christian corporate executives who want to connect their career and their calling. She is also a full-time executive coach and leadership development consultant for a Fortune 100 corporation.  She can be reached at (714) 952-0995 or For more information, see


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