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One Important Google Buzz Setting, by Beth Cole

Mar 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Web Marketing

If you are a Gmail user, I’m sure you have seen and experimented with Google Buzz. One thing I want to share is an important setting that will protect the privacy of those you follow.

Go to the Settings tab within Gmail and click on Buzz. The first option gives you a choice to display your follower list in your Google profile. This should be set to “Do not share these lists” because if you don’t, anyone who clicks to see your followers in your Google Profile will be able to see the email addresses of all your contacts. So please check this and make sure these settings are set to “Do not share.”

If you don’t want to have Google Buzz active in your Gmail account, there is also a setting that allows you to turn Google Buzz off, which may be handy, or disable Google Buzz, which I don’t recommend as it will delete your Google Profile.

If you have not set up your Google profile, visit the Google Profile page and fill in as much info as possible. This will help you be found more easily when someone searches for you by name.

I have not gotten much into Google Buzz past the first day of experimentation. How about you?

[Image Flickr: Martina Rathgens]

Beth Cole is the owner of the WebServant and the author of the Essential Web Marketing book and blog which helps you launch a new business and market yourself online. Beth is trained as a coach and has twenty-five years experience as a small business owner, speaker, consultant and trainer.

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