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Encouraging Coaching in Your Organization, by Michael Essenburg

Jan 8th, 2010 | By | Category: Missions Coaching - Guest Posts

michael-120x100How can you encourage coaching in your mission organization?

That’s a good question. Let me respond by asking you a question: What encouraged you to get coached and to coach others? Figure out what encouraged you and use that to encourage coaching in your mission.

What initially encouraged me to get coached was reading about coaching and talking with a friend about how coaching encouraged him and helped him achieve his goals. What really sold me on getting coached was the results I got from getting coached—I felt encouraged, I was better able to achieve my personal and professional goals, and I was empowered to pursue God’s calling. And what encouraged me to coach others was the results I got from getting coached, talking with a friend who coached others,reading books, and completing a coaching certification program.

Question: So, how can you encourage coaching in your mission?

Answer: Based on what encouraged me to get coaching and coach others, I suggest you consider taking action steps like:

  1. Continuing getting coached yourself, coaching others, and talking about the results of coaching.
  2. Helping leaders understand what coaching is and how they can benefit from it.
  3. Getting leaders to receive coaching.
  4. Training leaders to coach others.
  5. Getting leaders to start coaching key staff members and use coaching skills throughout the day.
  6. Helping staff understand what coaching is and how they can benefit from it.
  7. Getting more and more staff to receiving coaching.
  8. Training staff to coach others.
  9. Getting staff to start coaching other staff members and use coaching skills throughout the day.

You might be thinking, “Looks like I should take those steps in the order they are listed.” I can see why you would think that, and generally speaking, taking the steps in the order listed is helpful. But, there is no one right way to do it—for example, you can take the steps in a different order if that is what works best for you and your mission.

Question: How can you determine the action steps you want to take and the sequence of those action steps?

Answer: I suggest that you get a team together and:

  • Share what encouraged you to get coached, what encouraged you to coach others, and how coaching has helped you and others.
  • Reflect on the benefits of getting coaching going in your mission.
  • Review the action steps listed above, and brainstorm additional action steps.
  • Determine what action steps the team will take and the order of those action steps.


Michael Essenburg, a missionary with Christian Reformed World MIssions, uses coaching to empower Christian leaders and organizations to close the gap. Michael has served in Japan for over 20 years. To learn more, please visit


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