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YouTube Marketing for Beginners, by Beth Cole

Oct 14th, 2009 | By | Category: Web Marketing

youtubeWe hosted a class on YouTube Marketing for Beginners in our community last week. Coach Diane Cunningham was the presenter and she did a fantastic job.

I found Diane on YouTube and asked her to speak, not because she is an expert, but because she is a coach and she is out there doing it!

I wanted to recap some of the takeaways in Q&A format so you can benefit, too. If you are sitting on the fence with YouTube or you are not sure where to start, read on and be encouraged!

Q. What is so great about YouTube?
A. One thing you have to love about YouTube i
s the popularity and traffic — it is the fourth most visited site online following Google,Yahoo! and Facebook. The three things I like most about YouTube are:

  1. It is easy to use;
  2. It is open to all; and,
  3. It is FREE!

Q. What are some of the possibilities for YouTube?
A. You can use YouTube for fun and family, or you can use it to promote your business
with tutorials, promos for events or product information. YouTube is a great format to inspire and educate. I always try to think, “How could I help someone today with this video?”

Q. What are the basic steps to get started?
A. You will need some type of video camera tool, of course.
My tool of choice is the Flip Camera – find more info at I bought mine at Target for about $149. It comes with a tripod which is quite helpful, but I have found it best to have a friend help me so the camera doesn’t catch me running to get in place…etc, you know what I mean.

Next you will need to create an account at YouTube, you can choose between a public and private account so your videos can be seen by the world, or just by your friends, clients, whomever. With the Flip camera you just point, shoot and save. You plug it in to your computer and it will upload directly to YouTube. That’s why I like the camera — it is so easy to use.

Q. What tips can you give those of us who are afraid of making a mistake?
A. The three mind tricks I use are:

  1. Think of each take as a rough draft — you are not aiming for perfection here. People don’t want to see someone perfect, they want to know you make mistakes, too, and have flaws. That is one of the ways you create relationship, by laughing at yourself;
  2. Think about every video as a two minute mission statement, it is an opportunity to stay focused on why you became a coach;
  3. Pretend your most important client needs support and use the video as a tool to help.

Q. What other tips do you have for us?
A. Let go and have fun!
Remember to laugh, smile and be yourself. And the most important tip — you can ALWAYS hit delete! Have no fear and enjoy.

If you would like to listen to Diane’s YouTube Marketing for Beginners presentation, here is a link to the audio.

Are you using YouTube? How is it going for you?


Beth Cole is the owner of the WebServant and the author of the Essential Web Marketing book and blog which offers worksheets and questions, classes, and coaching for marketing yourself online. Beth is trained as a coach and has twenty-five years experience as a small business owner, speaker, consultant and trainer.

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