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Savoring the Moment by Janet Daughtry

Sep 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Wellness Coaching Guest Posts

Learning to Live in the Present

This is a guest post by Janet Daughtry of

photo by haileybugg

photo by haileybugg

Corita Kent once said life is a succession of moments and to live each one is to succeed.
I was recently reminded of this important life lesson while sitting in the service area of a car dealership. What an unusual place to have an “ah ha” moment!

I couldn’t help but notice a young man who was pacing the floor, complaining and fussing about having to wait over thirty minutes for his car. He was making quite a scene, and interestingly enough, the book he brought to read was getting crumpled in his hands.  Everyone else was sitting, reading, watching, working on their computer and basically trying to make the best of the situation.

I couldn’t help but think about how often we get stressed over things that are not very significant in the “whole scheme” of things. So often the things we fret over do not even matter the next day.  More importantly, what are these anxious and impatient moments doing for our overall health and well-being over the weeks, months and years?

I believe as life coaches we have the opportunity to not only help our clients to move forward in life but to learn to really live in the present and “savor” the moment.  Here are some important strategies to consider:

1.      Are you prepared?  This is not only a good motto for the scouts but for us as well. If you know you are going on a trip or have to wait in a waiting room, be prepared. How can you best use the time for relaxation or work so you will not be worrying about having your time wasted?  Get creative.  The possibilities are endless.

2.      What about your self-talk? Your own thought processes may be adding to your stress. How can you begin to change that?  What can you control and what is out of your control? What are some other things to consider? How could you look at the situation differently?

3.      How do you relax? Is it exercise, deep breathing or going on a mental vacation and thinking about a place that is relaxing to you?  Is it singing a tune, going on a walk or getting outside? How can you decompress?

4.      Where is your focus? Are you intentional about having a good day-regardless? How can you take the focus off of yourself? What is something good you can do for someone else?

5.      What makes your heart smile? What gives you joy?  How will you add joy to your life each day?

Corita was so right. Life is really a succession of moments and learning to be present in those moments is to succeed. Helping our clients learn to be present with life and to live fully in the moment is not only a great way to live but a helpful strategy to deal with the stressors and worries of life.

janetdaughtryJanet Daughtry is a Breakthrough Life and Leadership Coach, Author and Speaker specializing in helping women overcome limiting and sabotaging thinking. For more information about her coaching and latest product, “7 Keys To Unlock Your Life’s Potential”, visit her website at

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