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Helping Your Client Walk in Peace – Without Losing Yours by Sharon Graham

Sep 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Wellness Coaching

Steps To Managing Stress

by Sharon Graham

Photo by hapal

Photo by hapal

As a Wellness Coach, I’m interested in coaching my clients to walk in wholeness, in body, soul, and spirit.  Someone can exercise and have a fit body, but if they have no joy or peace due to the stress of their job or family life, they’re not walking in wholeness.  On the other side of that coin is the person who walks closely with the Lord, has regular fellowship and prayer with Jesus, yet never exercises and because of a terrible diet, is overweight and unhealthy.  Even though they’ll go to Heaven when they leave this earth, their lifestyle may send them there much sooner than necessary.

Helping your clients to walk in peace will create wholeness in their physical body as well as in their spirit and soul.  Your clients will reap tremendous dividends, and at the same time think that you are the best coach in the world!

Some simple steps to walking in peace include:

Choose joy no matter what the circumstance. We have the choice of how things will affect us.

We have the ability to take our thoughts captive and to not entertain the ugly, depressing thoughts that can take us down the wrong road.  I recently was given the opportunity to make this choice.  After turning away several other buyers and working at a fever pitch for two months to empty and clean my mother’s home, the couple who had a signed contract, was already packing to move in and was “thrilled” about getting the home, suddenly backed out of the deal!  Being eight hours away and having no control over the situation, I purposed out loud to say, “I choose joy in the midst of this.”  And it’s working, by the way.  It hasn’t changed the circumstance (yet), but I’m trusting Him in the midst of it and walking in peace.

Meditate on the Word and who we are in Christ. This is part and parcel of choosing joy.

Help your client find scripture that speaks to them and ministers to their spirit.  Have them park there for awhile and meditate on that word, asking the Lord to speak to them through it.  What does He want to say about the circumstance?  Learn and help your client to recognize who they are in Christ and help them discover the authority that they have as believers in Christ.  All of this will help them to walk in peace.

Establish goals and priorities. As coaches we’re continually doing this with our clients but it truly does help to bring peace.

What is the Lord having them work on specifically at this time?  How can they prioritize their activities and create healthy margin in their lives, knowing they can’t do everything at once.  Granted, there are times in someone’s life when things are extremely hectic and for a brief period of time, there seems to be no way of altering that.  However, if this gets to be the MO, the red flags should be a flyin’. Help them to see that they must pull back accordingly.

Spend time with loved ones and other believers. Have a meal together.  Go hiking together, play cards together.  Make the time for fellowship.

As coaches, often times we stay in our home office and have little interaction with the outside world, other than our phone appointments with our clients.  We need to purpose to have interaction and fellowship outside of the office for our own health, and then be able to coach our clients in that arena as well.  Spending time in fellowship helps to create peace in our spirits.  Obviously, the Lord knew this when it was written in Hebrews 10:25 to, “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another — and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

Cut out the junk food and the fried foods. (A Wellness Coach couldn’t write an article without talking about food)!

What we eat will affect our health, our emotions, and our peace.  Bad food stresses the body in a major way, bringing inflammation which causes dis-ease.  Unhealthy food also wreaks havoc with our endocrine system which is the seedbed of our emotions.  The five worst foods that you or your client could ever eat are French fries, soda, (regular and diet), chips (they’re fried), doughnuts, and fried seafood such as fried clams or shrimp.  If you want to walk in peace and coach your client to walk in peace, you’ll avoid all of these…all of the time.

So, armed with these suggestions, any coach can come alongside their client and offer insights and suggestions as to how they can live a peaceful life, in the midst of trying and seemingly hopeless circumstances.  Be encouraged and be empowered.

Sharon Graham is a professional lifestyle coach and a wellness authority who coaches a broad range of clients in how to achieve and maintain wellness.  She is also an author of a recently released e-book on wellness, a blogger (The Coaching Pair), a public speaker, and is currently compiling a cookbook.  (Click here for bio.)

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