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What do Wii Fit & the Bible have in common? by Tanya Smith

Jul 19th, 2009 | By | Category: Career Coaching

Strange title, you say.  Well I figured out that most people nowadays know what a Wii console is, so this should be an easy analogy.

As I was staring at the fitness program, Wii Fit, wondering why I’d spent the money only to stare at the box, I realized that I have played this “game” before with myself. I’ve done it again & again.  Let me walk you through the cycle I go through:

  • get really excited when I first bought the program;
  • go into the first screen, set up a profile & make entries into the journal;
  • map out how I’d do the exercises daily;
  • start the first day and be really invigorated;
  • wake up the next day and be … not so invigorated;
  • figure out that I had “too much going on today” to do my scheduled exercise, but “I’ll do it tomorrow”;
  • forget that I had a plan to do the routine at all
  • stare at the box sitting on the counter gathering dust
  • pick it up and start all over again with the thought that “I’m really going to do it this time”

Can you relate to this at all???  As I processed this in my mind, I realized there was one other place I’d seen this – my Bible.  Yes, I’ll admit it.  I have gone through the cycle of love, disregard, and shame over and over again with my daily Bible reading.

I remember coaching a group and sharing that if they ever noticed a goal not being reached, they have to refocus on how big the “why” is – what is the end result you’re seeking & how compelling is it?

If the “why” for committing to my Wii Fit routine is to have better health and enjoy life, the “why” for loving the Word and incorporating it daily is even bigger – health, prosperity, peace, joy and more are all in the Book.  Timeto get refocused and be committed … for real.  I challenge you to examine your why in a goal you have not been reaching, and to commit for the next 21 days to take action on that goal daily.  I’ll be doing the same.


Tanya Smith, the Career Transformation Coach, helps mid-career professional women liberate themselves so they can enjoy waking up daily to work they love.  Sign up for her monthly updates & more articles through and become a fan for exclusive previews on Facebook at

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