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Time…It Should Be Simple by Linda Hedberg

Jul 14th, 2009 | By | Category: Training & Certification

checkingyourwatchSo does training and certification plus business savvy equal coaching success?  No.  There are other components of success as well.  At my last post I promised to share my thoughts on remaining key factors for coaching success.


When starting a coaching business or ministry, identify, cultivate and maximize your resources in the following areas: time, finances, technology, space and community.  This post addresses time.


Time.  It should be simple.  As simple as it seems, and as clear as we are that all things take time, it’s amazing how often we make big decisions to change things in our lives without thinking through how we will find the time to implement the changes.  And then the changes never happen – because we simply haven’t made the time.


You may be working a full-time job, attending to your family and/or other things outside of work, and your schedule is overloaded.  You need more time as it is – without adding a career change and starting a new business.


You may be a stay-at-home parent who wants to work out of your home.  As an at-home parent, you know you are always “on duty.”  How are you going to become a business owner, not to mention an excellent coaching, in the midst of your very full schedule?


You may want to start a coaching business because of time – to have more control of your work schedule – to spend more time with your family or on another meaningful pursuit – to generally have more freedom with your time.


When you have your coaching business established, these things fall into place.  But between here and there, you need to find the time to get your business up and running.  You need a plan for that – for the “between here and there.”


As a life coach, you will help others find the time to do what is most important to them.  As a Christian life coach, you will help others find the time to do what God ahs uniquely called them to do.


It can be done!  You can find the time.  If you have no idea how you till find the time, get a coach.  To find a Christian coach, start by contacting coaches from the team right here at the Christian Coaching Center.  We are here to serve you;  click here for a list contact information.


Linda Hedberg’s broad knowledge of the field and her desire to see Christian coaches set a foundation for success is reflected at, where she provides resources, classes and coaching dedicated to helping prospective and new coaches thrive in business, ministry and life.

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