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Dancing with the Lord, by Ginny Victory

Jul 7th, 2009 | By | Category: Coaching Women - Guest Posts

Dancing with the Lord, By Ginny Victory 

“How do I know that this is the ‘right’ decision?”  “How do I know if I’m following God’s will?”  Big questions.  And in my coaching practice the number one reason that women want coaching; to gain confidence in decision-making.  

“Dance, then wherever you may be, I am the Lord of the dance said He…….

I will lead you all wherever you may be, I will lead you all in the dance said He.”

From the hymn I Danced in the Morning1

I’ve always loved this song; probably because I love to dance.  Whether I’m in the studio, in my living room, at a wedding or the few times I’ve been on stage–it connects me to the Lord and is worship.  Dancing connects me to that place inside where the Holy Spirit resides and where I’m fully present and alive.  

I thought it would be the same experience when I started taking ballroom lessons earlier this summer.  Was I in for a surprise!  Though I was still dancing for Him, He taught me how to dance with Him; following His lead. 

Around the same time I started a bible study using the “Experiencing God2” workbook.  It highlights seven principles.  The parallels to dance and decision-making fascinate me.  They are: 

God is always at work around me2As I ponder this, I have a sense that this is the music and that when I tune in, I can see what He’s up to.     

            Where am I tuned in?  tuned out?  What is the music that I’m hearing?  Where is it pointing? 

God pursues a continuing love relationship with me2When I dance, I feel His presence and pleasure.  

            In which choice do I feel His presence and pleasure?  Do I bear fruit?

God invites me to become involved with Him and His work2.   The instructor holds out his hand and invites me onto the dance floor.  The Lord does the same.    

            What invitations am I receiving?  Where is a hand being held out?

God speaks by the Holy Spirit through the Bible, prayer, circumstances and the church to reveal Himself, His purposes and His ways2.   Once on the dance floor, the instructor turns to me and presents the frame for our dance.  He explains that I must both press in and lay back – rest – in his hold.  It is the tension of this shape and my trust in him that allows us to communicate.  The same is true with the Lord; it is in the drawing near to Him that He draws near to me.  Then I know Him, His purposes and His ways.

            In what ways am I not resting in the hold of the Lord?  In which areas do I need to press in?

God’s invitation for me to work with Him always leads me to a crisis of belief that requires faith and action.2   This is where my dance instructor teaches me two things.  First, to wait on him to move.  In the waiting, he trains me and he listens for the timing.  Second, to trust him.  He knows what he’s doing, he’s going to be clear with his signals and he’s with me for the entire dance.  It is in the believing that the dance goes on. 

          Where am I impatient, afraid, doubting?  What is the message in this?  What signals am I receiving and what are they telling me?  How are they nudging me to respond?

I must make major adjustments in my life to join God in what He is doing2. Once the lead begins to move, I have to allow him to take me where he wants to go, using the steps he designs and following the rhythm of the music.  Faith requires action.

            Am I willing to let go of control, of knowing and understanding; to follow?  What is the rhythm?  What steps will I take today?

I come to know God by experience as I obey Him and He accomplishes His work through me2.  The lead is choreographing the moves, and in the moment I’m focused on the steps, but later can see the bigger picture and the impact the dance has had on me and others.  God is the dance, and each time He invites me to join Him in His work, He teaches me something new about Himself.   

          What is the impact of each choice?  What impact do I want to have? Who is God to me in this decision?  Who do I need Him to be?

 “I’ll live in you if you’ll live in Me; I Am the Lord of the dance, said He1.”


1 I Danced in the Morning ~ song by Sydney Carter Galliard Publications, Inc.


Ginny Victory

2 Experiencing God~Knowing and Doing the Will of God by Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King

Ginny Victory

Certified Professional Coach

Royal Life Coaching, LLC

Powerfully Chosen; Powerful Choicestm

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