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Coaching Pioneer Church Planters: Time to Leave, by Jeannette Slater

Jul 7th, 2009 | By | Category: Missions Coaching - Guest Posts

jeannetteslaterChurch planters that are coming from a different culture or nationality must always begin with the end in mind; that they are not going to be the long-term pastor of the church. The goal is always to turn leadership over to local leaders. The danger is that new converts attach themselves to the ex-patriot missionary instead of to each other in community. Church planters must have a phase-out plan from the beginning. It is best if they are never considered ‘the pastor’ of the local church but that local leaders are quickly established to oversee the church.

  • How are you prioritizing your time with emerging leaders?
  • How will you help the emerging church bond to each other?
  • What are you doing to keep yourself from becoming the center of the new congregation?
  • What is your plan for phase-out, even if it is years down the road?

I’m sure as you’ve coached church planters you have encountered other challenges. What key obstacles and opportunities do your see for pioneer church planting? Tell us about your experiences so that our coaching community can benefit.

Jeannette Slater, a coach with Coaching Mission International, has been coaching church planters for 14 years and has done extensive research and writing on pioneer church planting. She has also been involved in several church plants herself.
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