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Coaching Pioneer Church Planters: Reproducibility, by Jeannette Slater

Jul 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Missions Coaching - Guest Posts

jeannetteslaterAn important principle in pioneer church planting is reproducibility. Missionaries coming in may bring with them methods, techniques, resources, or equipment that can facilitate the starting of a new church. However if the local culture cannot support these long-term, the missionary is not demonstrating a reproducible way of starting new churches. The result is that one church may get established but that church will not continue to reproduce.

  • What methods are you using that are effective?
  • How reproducible are those methods within that culture?
  • What might you do differently so that  the local leaders you are raising up will be able to replicate and pass on what their learning to the next generation of leaders?

Part 4 – Coaching Pioneer Church Planters: Time to Leave (Next Week)

Jeannette Slater, a coach with Coaching Mission International, has been coaching church planters for 14 years and has done extensive research and writing on pioneer church planting. She has also been involved in several church plants herself.
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