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What helps a mission move toward coaching? by Michael Essenburg

Jun 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Missions Coaching - Guest Posts

Following is the transcript of a June 2, 2009, interview about moving a mission toward coaching. The interviewee is a 25-year veteran missionary who serves in mission leadership.

What’s your mission like?

On our field, we have over 50 missionaries-some married, some single. Most are from the US. Ages range from 30s to 60s. Our missionaries are involved in church planting, sports ministry, youth outreach, MK education, and Christian camping.

What challenges do your mission staff face?

Missionaries need greater clarity on ministry goals and when enough work is enough. Life balance issues are huge. Our missionaries need more support to put into practice what they already know.

What do your missionaries know about coaching?

There’s a general awareness of coaching. About 50% of our people have had some exposure to coaching. Some have received coaching, and some have been in 1-day coaching workshops.

What excites you about having your missionaries get coaching?

When people get coached, they make progress. Sometimes they get clear on what their goals are. Through coaching, our staff would receive strategic encouragement.

What concerns you?

Some feel that coaching is a fad, so it might be hard to move in this direction. Another thing is that there’s the danger of coaches stepping out of their role and giving direction.

If your mission members got coaching, what might happen?

People would be more focused on what they came to do, what they should be about, and confident that they’re doing what they should be doing.

What helps you move your mission toward getting your missionaries involved in coaching?

A network of other coaches who prod me to continue on this path.

What hinders you?

Busyness. Other things. Limited authority.

What are your options?

I can keep on coaching people. I can encourage people to get coach training and to get a coach. I can put articles on coaching in our mission publications.

What will you do?

I’m going to talk with the person responsible for member care about coaching.


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