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Did Your Website Brush Its Teeth This Morning? by Susan Fleming

Jun 10th, 2009 | By | Category: Web Marketing Guest Posts

This is a guest post by Susan Fleming of Electronic Marketing Success.

2952129288_a9e0bce838_optBefore you leave the house in the morning, you probably do several things nobody ever really thinks about, but they give you the confidence to know you are putting your best foot forward. There are some behind the scenes things that you should do for your website, too, so it can put its best foot forward and represent you well.

When someone searches on the Internet and your website comes up, there are three parts to the listing that can attract a click.

  • The listing title
  • The page description
  • The URL

The listing title is the part written in larger print, and yes, it is the actual page title that shows up on your website. So, if you and your web designer haven’t given some thought to this, your listing may end up being titled “Home Page” – and that’s not going to instill confidence or attract a lot of clicks!

Another thing that happens frequently is that all of a site’s pages have the same title, like “Blue Moon Coaching,” or “Sally Smith | Life Coach, Business Coach, Wellness Coach.” Each page should have a unique title related to the specific content, and more importantly, a title related to the needs of the person who wants what’s on that page.

The page description is also something you can control. You can write a compelling sentence that will attract searchers to your site, or you can leave it up to the search engine to grab something off of your page at random. Here are a couple of examples from a search for “resume.” The first one was intentionally written, and the second one was randomly generated by the search engine:

  • “Resumes -everything you need to know. Explore various styles, outlines, templates, examples and more, here at Career Builders Plus.”
  • “… This basic introduction will aid both new resume writers and those who may have Resumes 2: Resume Sections – When writing a resume, …” (And yes, the dots showed up in the listing!)

Think Twitter: What would you tweet to attract someone to each individual page on your site.

The URL of your page is also important. It sends a subtle message about how focused you are on providing helpful information. Consider these two web addresses:



See how the first one subtly reinforces the idea that it will give you want you wanted when you searched for executive resume? The second one, on the other hand, feels more generic, less personal, and less focused.

If your website is attracting traffic from the Search Engines, just remember that the first impression begins before they get to your site. Make sure your site is prepared to put your best foot forward.

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susan_2Susan Fleming rescues coaches who are being held hostage by the demands of their online marketing efforts. As a Certified Internet Marketing VA, teacher, corporate trainer, writer, public speaker and technophile, Susan has a unique skill set that helps her breathe new life and encouragement into flagging marketing efforts.

If Google Analytics, keyword research, HTML and meta tags give you a headache, relief is just a click away at Electronic Marketing Success.

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