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Coaching Pioneer Church Planters: The CP Team, by Jeannette Slater

Jun 25th, 2009 | By | Category: Missions Coaching - Guest Posts

jeannetteslaterWhat an awesome privilege – to coach church planters who are on the front lines of church extension. Church planting is often a lonely prospect with few who join in the work and few who understand the challenge church planters are facing! As a coach we can be an essential part of the team even if we are not on site.

Here are some challenges pioneer church planters face along with some coaching questions to get you started:

If the church planter is working with a team, there may be insufficient clarity about each person’s responsibility. This can lead to conflict that can hinder the church planting effort but it can also lead to inefficient and ineffective efforts. Each person having clarity of their role based on gifts and calling can allow the team to function together for greater Kingdom fruitfulness.

  • What do you see as your role on the team?
  • How does your role/gifts complement others on the team?
  • Where are you working together well? Where is there conflict or unclarity?

Next Week: Part 2 – Coaching Pioneer Church Planters: Using Time Well


Jeannette Slater, a coach with Coaching Mission International, has been coaching church planters for 14 years and has done extensive research and writing on pioneer church planting. She has also been involved in several church plants herself.
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