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There Are Many of Us, by Tim Olson

Apr 11th, 2009 | By | Category: Missions Coaching - Guest Posts

If money was not an issue, what niche would you choose to coach?

I have heard many new coaches describe a passion for poor people, those out of jobs, or even missionaries. They know coaching will be a powerful tool for them as it will for anyone. But what is the common denominator for these groups? They likely cannot afford coaching – and the coach cannot afford to coach them.

Being one of those coaches with the passion to coach missionaries, I felt there had to be a way to provide the money, the ways and the appropriate content for this unique group of people. There had to be many more of me out there with the same passion.

Guess what! There is, and there are! I am continually amazed by all the activity and growth I see and hear about and even more excited by all the interest in this significant niche. Coaching in the world of missions is catching on and perhaps even exploding. Through this blog we (with your help) hope to provide information, dialog, contacts and direction to grow it all the more.

I would like to list one avenue right now that may interest some of you. The Mission Coaches Network (MCN) was founded in 2006 by two coaches who shared this coaching-missionaries passion and they have been joined by a few dozen others to try to find ways to make this niche work financially as well as practically. Much of the outcome of that group will come through as we develop this blog.

If you would like to begin connecting to others with a similar passion, contact Tim Olson at or Tina Stoltzfus-Horst at and we will have you jump through a few small hoops to join us.


Located in New Hope, Minnesota, Tim Olson has his own business as a personal life coach after years as a pastor, teacher, school principal, business owner and missionary.  In addition, for 1/5th of his time, he serves as a leadership coach for the National Fathering Ministry staff both in the US and in Ukraine. Tim received his training in the Christian track of Institute for Life Coach Training, is a member of Christian Coaches Network and co-founded Mission Coaches Network. For more, see

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2 Responses to “There Are Many of Us, by Tim Olson”

  1. T. Wright says:

    After a long time of being in a place of spiritual standstill while God cleaned His fish (ME) it is time to step out of the boat and begin working on the vision the Lord placed in my head and heart over a year ago. I have recently asked another woman to join me. Basically, as you described in the article titled: There Are Many of Us, by Tim Olson on the site; my passion is to coach those who need it most but can afford it least. The full vision goes a bit beyond that but the general problem I am having right now is: I cannot seem to wrap my head around stepping out in ministry without knowing how to make a living and pay bills at the same time? I want to just be a faithful co-heir of Christ and not worry about it yet my partner needs to get certified still and realistically there are office expenses even from home. I desperately need guidance from those who have gone before me. My heart is where it needs to be however I also have experienced start up businesses before and understand there is a business side that needs attention too. Maybe faith just needs to grow more? Words of wisdom here are welcomed. How do I balance it? Everyday I pray for the Holy Spirit to just show me what His will is for me just for today. I think just being part of a group networking online with other coaches having a similar passion and goal may help. Bouncing around ideas and just knowing I’m not the only one that sometimes feels weary but encouraging each other to stay active in forward momentum. I totally need that. Does anyone else out there need that too?

    • tina says:

      T., one of the most challenging things about missions coaching can be funding – and you are certainly not alone in finding that difficult! In order to make coaching affordable to my clients, I raise money from donors to subsidize the low rates I offer missionaries. Having a solid donor and support base is one of the keys to launching out into missions coaching. I hope you’ll hang in there, and find ways to fund what God is calling you to do!

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