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My One Special Work? by Tanya Smith

Apr 5th, 2009 | By | Category: Career Coaching

As Christians, we know that God has a plan for each of us and it was in place before we were ever conceived (Jeremiah 1:5).  The scriptures are filled with characters who were called directly into their work – Noah, Abraham, David, and boundless others.  Each of these people were not only called to a spiritual purpose, but also an area of work that served mankind in a different way – e.g. David was by trade a shepherd who became a King. Why is it, however, that we believe we are only called to one specific purpose as part of God’s plan?

As a Career Coach and an HR professional, I have worked often with people who are so frustrated with the work they are currently in and they’re seeking that “greener grass”, or what they like to call “the ideal work for me”.  Early on, I believed that the best approach was to help them find that one true fit, or so I thought.  As a maturing Christian, I’m learning that God often has rooted us in certain work to influence others and gain experience in the place where we are – then He has us move on to the next thing that He has called us to do.

I had a co-worker and friend once who absolutely hated her job.  The expression on her face every day was a display of just how much she despised coming to work.  I remember when she began to shut her office door a little more frequently.  She’d have more & more conversations in whispers, and then one day she announced that she was leaving the company for another position with a nice big bonus.  Well, about 3 months later I heard from my former colleague – she hated her new job and couldn’t wait for the first year to end so that she wouldn’t have to return her signing bonus.  I’ll never forget when through tears, she said, “I almost wish I’d never left”.  Had I known then what I know now, I would have asked her to seek God’s message in the experience  she was having at that moment – what story was being written on the page of her life?  What lesson was God sharing with her in the place she sat?

In the process of helping our clients in the journey of finding their vocational calling, it’s important to help them examine what their experience in the current or former career roles they’ve played.  I now understand that the calling is truly a journey, and not just a destination.

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