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Moms, The Perfect Place to Start, by Marian Struble

Apr 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Coaching Women - Guest Posts

During my training as a life coach I discovered my passion.  My calling is to connect people more intimately with God, themselves, and others, leading them toward the discovery and living out of their unique purpose. I was ready to explode from the moment I completed my training.  My vision was so big I didn’t know where to begin.


I was caught by surprise when God spoke to me, planting the idea for Moms With A Mission©.  I hadn’t thought about coaching moms.  I’d thought about youth, women in general, and the church.  Moms turned out to be a great way to launch my coaching practice.  Success comes when you “find a need and fill it.”  I had no idea how great the need was. Almost every mom I talked to responded positively. It was clear these moms wanted something where they could connect, find themselves in this season of their lives, and share with one another.  Ten moms signed up for the first group and I knew I better get busy.   In my enthusiasm, I had marketed the concept before I had written one word of the course!  I don’t recommend doing things in that order but once it was out there, I had to keep going.


The benefits of this endeavor have been tremendous—and I’m still writing!  My group of moms has been able to experience firsthand the benefits of Christian coaching at a price they can afford.  The development of the course has opened doors of opportunity for retreats, seminars, extended workshops through churches, and the possibilities of reaching into other areas of my passion. A few have realized they need a more personalized, one on one approach and retained me as a coach.  I’ve finished the first six weeks with two different groups and have a new one starting.  The other two groups want to keep going.   I even have a waiting list of moms who are interested for a later date.

It has been pure joy to watch a mom’s face light up when she realizes that most of her own expectations about motherhood, and those placed by others, are not what makes a “good” mom.  As we have discussed “Matters of the household and matters of the heart,” each woman has grown closer to God, re-discovered herself, and begun to realize how finding and living her unique mission and purpose can impact her family and circle of influence.

During one session, we discussed values and credos.  My credo has been an invaluable tool for me.  It re-inspires me when I am discouraged. It keeps me from being side-tracked by opportunities or things that don’t fit my vision.  It re-enforces who I am and how I want to live.   I gave them an example of my credo and encouraged them to write their own.  One mom came back announcing that she had something for me.  She had personally taken a beautiful photograph of a flower and placed my credo on top of it.  All the key words were enlarged and bolded, emphasizing their importance.   I was honored by this lovely gift which clearly said to me, “She got it!”

At the bottom, immediately following the last line, was Make a Difference. Thanks to God’s inspiration, and a little mustard seed of faith, I knew I had made a difference for these women.  Moms With A Mission© was the perfect place to start.  

With God’s help and your faith, you can find your perfect place too!

Marian Struble, Certified Christian Life Coach

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