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Get Out of the Boat, by April M. Stallworth

Apr 6th, 2009 | By | Category: Coaching Women - Guest Posts

april-stallworthWhile leading the women’s ministry, God’s Uttermost Woman, and also serving as a Christian Life Coach for women, it is vitally important to me that I am represent the very behaviors in my life that I guide other women into practicing.   I had such a chance to do this when God laid it in my spirit that He wanted me to be on the radio for God’s Uttermost Woman’s ministry.  The radio, are you serious God?  He most certainly was.

When I started to think about what God was calling me to do, it really did make sense.  My gifts and abilities were in line with that of a radio talk show host.  I knew God had given me a bold spirit.  I have a heart for women’s issues.  I love to talk and share my testimony so that women can be uplifted and encouraged by it.  I like to push the envelope and get women to think in a way that they have never thought about before.  Yup, I had all the makings of a radio talk show host for God.  Now it was up to me to trust God to do what He said He was going to do.

I knew that I had been praying for God to increase my territory and to use me in greater ways.  This was the answer to my prayer and so there was no way I could not accept it as such when it came.  Although God’s directive was not exactly how I thought God would expand me, I submitted to his authority and I knew that He would not lead me anywhere that He hadn’t ordained.  I was going to be on the radio.

The Holy Spirit arrested me and told me to begin to get in position.  It was not my role to make this prophecy come to life.  Instead I needed to do my research and be ready to move when God told me to move.  That is what I began to do.  In the midst of my research to find out the qualifications needed to be a radio talk show host, I was led to a website called LA Talk Radio.  With one click, I knew this was where God was leading me.  It was the wilderness.  It wasn’t a religious venue by any means.  There were some spiritual shows on the schedule but the majority of the shows were secular in nature and the motto of the station was, “We say what we want.”  God was definitely trying to interject some saints to bring a word from Him.  I was ready to go on his behalf.

I share this story to simply say, in order to receive the blessings of God we have to be willing to take some risks.  Like Peter in Matthew 14:22-33, I was scared to get out of the boat but I still got out.  I started walking towards God and the water quickly became my sidewalk.  I didn’t have all the answers when I took my first step and I didn’t need to.  All I needed to know was that God was leading the way.

April M. Stallworth

God’s Uttermost Woman Ministry

& Christian Life Coaching for Women

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