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Christian Home Business – Profits with Values

Apr 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Career Coaching - Guest Posts, Coaching and Discipleship Guest Posts
While there’s plenty of easy home businesses now available due the advent of the internet, how many of them would really be considered a good Christian home business? Well, it’s probably easy to see that selling ‘enhancement drugs’ would not be considered a good home business for your values but what about the more subtle criteria needed to qualify?

Does a your home based business need to help people in a physical or spiritual manner or can a business still be considered a Christian values business if it simply follows the rules of ‘best in class’ conduct? It’s obviously not OK to sell blue jeans that were made in sweat shops by 8 year old children but would it still be OK to sell $239 designer blue jeans knowing that the Wal-Mart versions are just as functional?

What level of profitability is acceptable in a real home business before it seems like outright greed?

These issues can be a bit overwhelming, so to narrow the focus I’m going to define exactly what I think constitutes a valid Christian home based business:

1. No business remains a business unless it makes a reasonable profit. After all, even a home based business needs to pay the bills and provide some benefit to the owner or there’s no point in making the effort.

2. A Christian values home business should strive to sell products of the highest value for the money charged. This should not be seen as a limitation as high value products (of any price) will only create a loyal customer base.

3. Your business should deal only with product vendors of the highest integrity. Your good name will be associated with the company you keep so make they live by the same high standards you’ve already chosen to live by.

4. You should provide superior customer support. This does not mean you should sit by the phone all day waiting for their calls but you should strive for no more than a 24 hour turn around on questions and inquiries.

5. And you should never ignore your responsibility to the church and community. When you’re earning more money than ever expected from your home business, share with the people that helped you along the way, share with your church and give back to the community.

No man is an island and no business operates without the generous support of others. When you’re at the top of the financial hill, keep this in mind and you’ll always be respected and loved for your efforts.

Follow these simple rules and your Christian home based business is sure to provide you with great financial wealth as well as personal wealth.

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  1. Good post. I agree. I don’t think a Christian business has to strictly sell Christian products, but it should definitely run on the principles of honesty and integrity. And yes, choose high quality products to sell and provide the kind of customer service you like to receive.

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