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A Crash Course in Christian Coaching

Apr 5th, 2009 | By | Category: Book Reviews

A Crash Course in Christian Coaching by Chris McCluskey

A Crash Course in Christian Coaching by Chris McCluskey

By Chris McCluskey
Reviewed by Tony Stoltzfus

In A Crash Course in Christian Coaching (originally presented as a conference speech) well-known coach Chris McCluskey defines coaching, traces the development of the coaching model, and in the process highlights the key principles that make coaching effective. That (plus its bargain price) makes this disc an excellent choice for introducing others to the coaching field.

The focus here is life coaching. The presenter works from a model of helping people discover their vision, unearth the values that energize it, and then create and implement a plan to move toward that vision. He does a good job of integrating the importance of ongoing accountability in successful change. McCluskey also talks about the two key motivators of change (pain and passion) and how a coach holds the vision in front of the client when passion wanes to help keep the person on course.
The disc gets off to somewhat of a slow start with the inevitable disclaimer on how many people are out there without coaching credentials, not understanding what coaching really is and doing it wrong. The real meat of the presentation is when he brings together the threads from consulting, therapy and other disciplines that converged to spawn the coaching movement, and when he tells his own story of moving to the hinterlands as an example of pursuing your dreams. The content is directed toward what seems to be an audience of therapists in the original session, but it is broadly applicable.
The last portion of the disc explores coaching as a profession, and how the business of coaching works. He finishes up by talking about coaching certification. So if you are presenting this to a pastor or ministry leader, you may want to just use the first half.

This disc is a good option for introducing coaching or for clearing up confusion about what coaching actually is and does. Part of my high ranking is due to the excellent, under-$10 price: it underscores that the author is trying to promote the profession instead of just making a buck. While I would have liked to have seen an actual demonstration of coaching to go with the input, if you are looking for a teaching presentation this DVD fills the bill. The author’s status as a long-time coach and leader of a Christian coaching schools adds credibility. And professional coaches will enjoy hearing some of the history of their profession-I certainly did.

Reviewed by:
Tony Stoltzfus, Professional Coach & Coach Trainer

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