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How to Get Involved with CCC

Mar 18th, 2009 | By | Category: About

menlaughingMaking a Contribution
If you want to contribute to the Christian coaching center, we’ve got several great ways to get involved:

1. Leave a Comment
The most basic step is to comment on a post. Simply register your name and e-mail and you’ll be able to comment immediately. When you register, you can also sign up to have a digest of new articles e-mailed to you each week. (The box for it is checked by default—if you don’t want the digest, just un-check it during the registration process).

2. Join a Community
Our moderators are putting together lists of coaches who work in that area of interest to help coaches connect with others of like interests. If you want to join and connect with other coaches in a certain area, simply choose your primary niche when you register or e-mail the moderator in that area.

3. Share a Tool or Tip
A second option is to contribute a coaching tool or tip. Once you’ve registered, just send your original tool as a word document to, and we’ll review and post new tools and tips each month in the tools section on the home page. We’re looking for things like:

  • Unique coaching models you’ve created with graphical diagrams (in jpeg format)
  • A set of questions you use for a particular coaching challenge
  • A description of a process you use when coaching
  • Documents like coaching agreements, forms, etc. that others can use
  • A tip on how to coach a certain problem, with an example

Note: we do not accept tools or articles copied from books or other sources on the web—they must be your original work!

4. Write a Post
If you’d like to contribute an article, contact the moderator in your area of interest (see list below) and talk about what you want to do. They can acquaint you with our publishing guidelines and what we’re looking for. You may want to take a look at our values and mission first. For a list of moderators for each area with contact info, click here.

  • Christian Coaching Magazine
  • Coaching and the Church
  • Coaching Ministry Leaders
  • Coaching Research
  • Coaching Skills
  • Coaching Women
  • Discipleship Coaching
  • The Family Coaching Center
  • Missions Coaching
  • Training and Certification
  • Web Marketing
  • Wellness Coaching
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