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Mar 19th, 2009 | By | Category: About

businessgroupThe Christian Coaching Center was formed as a central informational site and gathering place for Christian coaching.  The site is a collaborative effort-each site section is “owned” by a moderator who provides the content for that section and recruits others to contribute. We’re all responsible for our own contributions, which is a good coaching value!

We want to foster collaboration between different coaching streams, so we’ve attempted to build a team that’s a cross section of the Christian coaching movement, and we’re seeking to do the same in each subsection.

All our information is free, so moderators and contributors are unpaid. The site upkeep is supported by ad revenue (which provides for basic site maintenance only). We believe that joining together to offer free information builds exposure and credibility in a way that will pay off for us long term. The startup funding for the site was provided by our primary sponsor, Coach22, in exchange for advertising exposure.

Christian Coaching Center: Mission Statement

“We build collaborative communities of Christian coaches who freely share valuable information about their profession. By serving together in this way we build the exposure, traffic and credibility that helps us all succeed.”

Christian Coaching Center Values

Info, Not Infomercial
Our primary purpose is to serve by sharing information that’s of value to our audience. We win by positioning ourselves as experts and servants, instead of as self-promoters.

 So, we focus our posts and pages on providing useful information, not on offering our services.

Freely Give
You’ve freely received this opportunity to contribute without cost—now freely give. Give to get, instead of getting to give. We give freely because we believe that what when you give it eventually comes back around.

So, we freely promote others, collaborate, share our best, and give exposure to those who need it.

Collaboration Breeds Success
Working together is stronger than working alone. Collaborating with other coaches in your niche offers benefits more than competing against them. Promoting together creates more buzz for everyone than dozens of small endeavors fighting for recognition.

So, we reach out to others in our niche, team up with them and make them collaborators instead of competitors.

Unity in Community
We reach beyond unity in business objectives to foster true community. Our profession is fragmented and riven by competing groups and philosophies. We believe an ethos of giving, serving and honoring all can provide a place for coaches from different schools, niches and philosophies to build trust relationships and know one another’s hearts.

So, we intentionally build diverse communities that honor differing viewpoints and include participants from different schools and streams of coaching.

The opinions expressed by moderators, authors of guest posts or in comments are their own views, and do not necessarily represent those of CCC management. Each moderator is responsible to determine the content for his or her own section.



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