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This DVD Training Video with Tony Stoltzfus shows coaching in action.

Introduction to Coaching

Chris McCluskey introduces you to coaching with a clip from his Crash Course DVD.

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Coaching Research

Using Assessments at Work by Tracy O’Neill

Many companies today use assessments to gain knowledge of what soft and hard skills employees possess. These same tools work well with coaching and can be used to develop goals for personal growth.
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Parent Coaching

Natural Growth Patterns and the Limiting & Empowering Parenting Styles by Gregory Bland

In this video Greg describes the Natural Growth Patterns of our Children/Teens; the Limiting Parenting Style and Empowering Parenting Style.

Until Next time
Keep an eye open for little ways in which…
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Missions Coaching

Coaching & Social Status by Keith E. Webb

Does coaching work only in Egalitarian societies?

This question emerged from discussion around cultural differences in social structures of societies. In the USA and the Netherlands, for example, inequality is viewed as not good…
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Business Coaching

Coaching for Effective Succession – by Anita Stadler, PhD

Succession planning is a topic that is difficult for many leaders but which can be made easier with the assistance of an executive coach.  I have managed the succession planning process within a large corporation…
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Discipleship Coaching

Discipleship of the Heart – Going Deeper by John Purcell

How could you take life-on-life discipleship to the next level? By taking it down — all the way to the heart. Interested?
The life-on-life approach to discipleship is the best way I have seen to…
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Coaching Women

How Are Being a Coach and Being A Christian Related, by Kimberly Dinsdale

I’m coming off of several months of deconstructing and reconstructing what it really means and looks like and feels like to live in a postmodern, progressive, emerging reality of coaching and Christianity. I am excited to be back on board. I’ve missed offering my thoughts at the Christian Coaching Center, along with moderating articles by other coaches for the Coaching for Women page. Stay tuned and join the conversation as other guest coaches post their articles in the Coaching for Women Community.
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Coaching Tools

How to Convert Closed Questions to Open Ones by Tony Stoltzfus

There’s an art to asking questions that make people think. Read through the following dialogue and see if you can put your finger on what’s not working in the kind of questions that are being…
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Life Coaching

When Your Default Settings Work Against You Part 2

As coaches, we are trained to help people over the hurdle of being “stuck”. But what happens when you, the coach, find yourself stuck? How long does it go on? Do you have a strategy for getting moving again? Take a few minutes to read my story and see if you can relate…..
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Coaching and the Church

Injecting the Church with Coaching? Part 5 – Train the Staff

The staff had self-diagnosed the problem – too many congregants with issues. Our lead pastor had agreed that even he was at his wits’ end on how to handle other’s issues well. But they all…
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Transformational Coaching

Using Energy Clues to Understand Passion

When trying to coach a person to discover their passion, one key technique is becoming aware of the client’s energy. When we speak our voice tone, volume, emotive content and so forth vary over time…
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Family Coaching Center

Coaching Couples Through Emotional Memories

Growing marriages often experience seasons of growth and pleasure followed by seasons of frustration and pain. Three steps forward and two steps back. Why is this and what can be done about it?
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Training & Certification

Movies, Switchfoot and Certification by Linda Hedberg

In my mom’s Christian family, she was never allowed to go to movies.  My father’s Christian family went to movies occasionally, but he became a pastor and married my mom which meant we typically did not…
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Web Marketing

Article Marketing by Marcie Thomas

If you’re a new coach trying to build a presence online, consider article marketing as a strategy for gaining online recognition and driving traffic to your website.

 How many times you have…
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Wellness Coaching

Suicide What a Coach Needs to Know

You are a coach, and you have a dilemma. A client asked you to help him to clarify his life purpose and to make a plan to pursue it, which you are happy to do…
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Career Coaching

3 Mistakes in the Career of a Solo Business Owner by Tanya Smith

When I first started looking at a business opportunity, it really wasn’t planned. I had been approached by someone to participate in a direct sales business. I didn’t know the person, and I actually never saw them again after I joined. Much of what I learned throughout my 6 years of working that business, I learned through great trial and error and I was never truly “successful” in getting the results I wanted.
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Coaching Ministry Leaders

7 Common “Ego Traps” for Leaders (Part 2) by Michael Warden, CPCC

Ego Trap #2: “If I don’t stay on top of their work, mistakes will be made.” Translation: “I’m a control freak.”
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